Hi there, My name is Ricardo Cornejo, Photographer-Art director, based in the beautyful city of Miami, FL. Born in Quito, Ecuador in January 1980. My style, direction and knowledge are based on my background Architecture, graphic design, digital composition, and art direction. These tools are what define my work and my eye everyday and my passion and love for photography are what keep me moving in life. Photography was never in a remote idea of my career, I took few classes in school but it was hard to understand the concept of photography at that time, when I moved to the US and finish school in Advertising, in order to graduate I had to finish a photography book and show to few professors. I remember I bought my first digital camera on 2011 a Canon Rebel T1 to finish my task. The feedback of the curators and my own perspective of the finished book was great, everything I had studied and learned It was printed on that book. After graduate I worked few months as a art director for a company and on my free time I was studying photography and improving my skills, I quitted my job and move to Miami where I started working on a well known photo and film studio, at that time I had the opportunity to use the studio for my experiments and connect with people of the industry. This place opened me the door to a different dimension in photography and filming TV commercial, where I had the opportunity and privilege to photograph and film great companies such as National Geographic, Carnival Cruises, Mcdonalds, Miami New Times, Caras magazine, books, celebrities, models, chefs, architecture and more. Each photoshoot for me is very important and especial on its way, it doesn't matter the size of the company of the kind of product you work with, you can find beauty out of anything under any circumstance, all you have to do is keep experimenting and creating and of course loving what drives you crazy.

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